Increase your returns by 400 percent by turning your company a purpose driven company

Purpose & Profit is helping companies to clarify and verbalize their purposes in a written, easy to understand form. We are doing this because this brings a sense of meaningfulness to everything that a company does, and to the world. With meaning everything is just easier and more clear.


  • Is your company struggling to motivate people?
  • Is there too much micromanagement?
  • Are people making ”interesting” decisions?
  • Is it hard to get message trough in different channels?
  • Prospects don’t understand why they should buy your service of product?
  • Even though you are growing it’s hard to recruit right people to your team?
  • You would like to make more profits and generate cash flow?


  • Inspiration – People who work in company are not coming just to work, but to advance company’s purpose
  • Lower hierarchy – People are directed by the purpose
  • Easier decision making – Decisions can be ”driven” trough purpose
  • Easier communication – Easy to understand purpose helps relevant parties and individuals to understand company’s actions
  • Easier and more sales – Customers want to know what is the purpose of the company, other than making money
  • Easier requiting – People want to have a job that feels meaningful
  • Bigger profits – According to research purpose-driven companies make more profits


  1. Setting the expectations and defining the goals
  2. Half day workshop where the company’s purpose if found
  3. Written purpose with explanations and suggestions that how to put it to action